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An Ohio Law Firm Advocating Your Best Interests

Since 1992, our firm has provided steadfast support to clients seeking legal help. Quality service and communication have been and will always be the hallmarks of our firm. With your best interests in mind, we will seek to resolve your legal issues and provide you with the counsel and attention that you deserve.

Fanger & Davidson LLC offers a zero obligation, free initial consultation so if you want to find out how we can protect your best interests, contact us today!

The Fanger & Davidson Difference

Fanger & Davidson LLC believes in a team approach to address all legal matters. Your Primary Contact Attorney will manage an entire team of experts focused on your case. The exact makeup of your team depends on your legal matter, but they are usually composed of paralegals, support staff, and one or more attorneys that specialize in your particular need. This allows you to leverage a variety of skills and expertise, all managed by your Primary Contact Attorney.

At Fanger & Davidson LLC, every client is assigned a Primary Contact Attorney. Your designated attorney will work on your case and manage the team. They serve as your primary liaison at our firm and will analyze your specific needs and wishes, guaranteeing someone is always looking out for your case.

Our phone log system ensures you get prompt responses to your calls, generally on the next business day. Each business day, our attorneys and paralegals receive a complete log of their messages. These messages are organized so the manager knows whether you received a prompt return call or not. Your message stays on the list until it is responded to, ensuring that it is never lost or forgotten. In fact, we archive the message summary permanently and can access it any time.

We provide a monthly record of activities we perform relating to your case or legal issue, so you will never be in the dark wondering what your attorney is doing. Our regular detailed invoices ensure you know exactly what we are working on so you can better manage the costs and services.

Fanger & Davidson LLC has designed and developed our own in-house client database system that integrates your phone messages, emails, invoices, contact information, and various legal documents. This allows us to efficiently manage all your legal needs and quickly respond to your inquiries.

Our office publishes monthly email newsletters tailored to our various practice areas to keep our clients informed of developments that affect their legal interests, as well as provide general information regarding our firm.

We will send you documentation of any information that we receive to make sure you stay informed about your case. We forward files to you via conventional (snail) mail or email so you can confidently make informed decisions.​​​​​

Our office takes pride in both our traditional and digital filing systems, which ensure we can securely access your files online, no matter where we are in the world. This allows us to better address your needs, faster and more attentively. Moreover, we back up and store your files in multiple locations to ensure safety and security.

We maintain a state-of-the-art processing center where each day, all the mail and documents that we receive are converted to digital files, forwarded online to the appropriate people, and filed in the respective clients’ electronic data. This process provides us with full digital copies so we can efficiently respond to your needs faster than other law firms.​​​​​

We developed our project management system to help save you time and money. We believe you should not have to pay an attorney to send you a document when our support staff can handle it much more affordably. Our exclusive Task System assigns each task to an appropriate staff member, to address your requests more promptly and save you money.

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Jeffrey J. Fanger, Esq.

Managing Member/Partner

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Gerry Davidson

Senior Attorney

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Robert E. Dintaman, Jr.

Associate Attorney

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