Divorce, Child Custody, and Adoptions

Family & Domestic Relations Law

Legal separation, dissolution of marriage, divorce, custody and child support issues, mediation and prenuptial, or antenuptial agreements are some of the many issues that our clients may need to deal with in the Family & Domestic Relations Law area.

These issues are often emotionally charged and stressful. Fanger & Davidson LLC understands the emotional toll and personal needs associated with these matters, which is why we are dedicated to assisting our clients through these tough legal issues.

Adoption: It Should Never Be a Hassle

Adoption is the legal process of taking another person’s child into your own family, treating the child as your own, and giving the child all the rights and duties of your own child.

Adoptions can be a confusing, trying, yet ultimately rewarding experience. The attorneys at Fanger & Davidson LLC can help you navigate the procedures necessary to secure an adoption, whether through an independent agency, the adoption of a relative, or the adoption of a step-child.

For every adoption, a court will review the background of the prospective adoptive parents. They will conduct criminal background checks, credit checks, and interviews with friends and family. The prospective adoptive parent will also be required to provide references to substantiate that they can care for a child. The attorneys at Fanger & Davidson LLC will advise the adoptive parent and represent the adoptive parent’s interests in this otherwise confusing process.

We can also assist in prospective step-parent adoptions. Step-parent adoptions are slightly different from other adoptions in that all biological parents must ordinarily consent to the adoption. However, there are certain circumstances in which a prospective adoptive step-parent can successfully argue that a biological parent’s consent is not required. Our attorneys can help convince a court that a biological parent’s consent is unnecessary and help you secure the adoption of your step-child despite the unavailability or objections of a biological parent.