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Changes Are Coming To Ohio’s Child Support Law!

Parenting Time Now Matters!

In the past you did not receive any credit for actually being with your child. Now every overnight visit counts and depending on the number of visits per year you may be able to reduce your child support. If you have as little as 90 days (with your child), a year you may qualify for an automatic reduction but only if you apply for it. Find out how much your time with your child could lower your support payments.

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Impact of Income Changes!

Income changes for either you or the other parent can have a big impact on your support payments. Losing your job can be financially devastating. Too often people don’t seek a modification soon enough of their child support and the arrearage just starts to mount up, creating a big debt that you will pay for years. Find out if your job loss or other economic change should result in your seeking to reduce your child support.

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College Payments Count!

Now payments for college and other post High School education may impact your child support. Find out if your support could go up or down due to these payments.

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Full Medical Premiums Count!

In the past only a portion of your medical insurance premiums counted – now under the new law the full premiums count for a deduction.

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Changing Circumstances!

There are now lots of ways your child support could qualify for a modification. Did the other parent get married? Move? Get a new job? Find out how a change may qualify you for a support modification.

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All Children Now Count!

If you have children that you are NOT paying child support for (for example you live with them in your current relationship) Ohio now lets you reduce your child support to factor in your other children and the money you already spend on them – whether or not you are paying child support for those other children. All of the children you have count as part of the calculation for the first time.

Also in the past the first child to receive child support got the largest portion and later children got less. Ohio has done away with that process and now every child is treated equally and you also get treated fairly by the law factoring in that you have other children and the costs associated with them.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Child Support Clinic at Fanger & Davidson LLC lets you obtain your own CONFIDENTIAL child support calculation and evaluation, taking advantage of Ohio’s new child support laws, including deductions, so you can see what the likely impact will be on you and your situation, before you have to involve the child support office, the other parent or the Courts.

This way you can make an informed decision about whether or not to seek a change at an affordable up-front cost of just $49.00.

And since we are an Ohio law firm, you also get our evaluation letter which provides you with CONFIDENTIAL recommendations and legal advice, regarding your child support worksheet and your situation. We will let you know based on the calculations and Ohio’s new law, if we recommend you seek a reduction in support or if we believe it is in your best interest not to file at this time because it’s likely there will be no change or your support would likely increase.

If it’s likely your support will go down – you will know that BEFORE you seek a change and can file the child support worksheet we have prepared for you with the Ohio Court or Child Support Agency.

If after reviewing your situation, you discover your support is likely to go up no one will know because the child support calculation you receive is your CONFIDENTIAL calculation. You get to decide if you should file for a change using it. And since we are an Ohio law firm, your CONFIDENTIAL worksheet calculation is protected by Attorney-Client privilege and can’t be disclosed without your permission.

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Before the Child Support Clinic’s Affordable $49 Flat Fee Program, there were few affordable options for finding out the impact changes have on your support payments

  • You can file for a modification with the Child Support Office in your local county hoping to reduce your child support – only to find out that your support is not likely to change or worse now you have to pay more!
  • You can file with a Court and spend hundreds or thousands of dollars - only to find out that your support is not likely to change or worse now you have to pay more!
  • You can hire an attorney on an hourly basis to represent you and have them re-calculate your child support spending hundreds of dollars before you even start the process of getting it modified. 

Now for only $49 you can obtain both a revised CONFIDENTIAL child support calculation reviewing all of the new changes under the new law AND our evaluation of your support situation.

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The next step is up to you! After receiving your CONFIDENTIAL revised child support worksheet and our evaluation letter, you have options:

  • File yourself, saving money, with the local agency or Court using the child support worksheet we provided you (other documents and evidence will also be required). If you need more help contact us, as a full service law firm we can provide additional services if needed. Additional charges shall apply.
  • Take our evaluation letter and the revised child support worksheet we provided to another attorney and discuss with them the next steps and where to file to change your support. 
  • Hire our law firm to represent you in Court or before the local County Support Agency. As a full service law firm we are happy to discuss assisting you further should you wish. Additional charges will apply.
  • Do Nothing! If your support would likely not change or would go up – you may determine the best option is not to seek a change and take no further action.

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If you already have an attorney, your attorney knows your situation and can properly advise you regarding Ohio’s new child support law and the changes that are happening. Your attorney can also prepare for you child support calculations for you to review. If you and your attorney wish, as an Ohio law firm we are happy to work with your Ohio attorney and provide our review of your child support calculation to them – saving them time and letting them review with you our evaluation of your situation so you and your attorney can decide on the next step to take. Our office is using up to date software that includes calculations for both the current law and the new law changes and we are knowledgeable about the new Ohio child support law and changes that are taking effect. We are happy to have your attorney contact our office and to discuss providing them our revised child support calculations for their use in your case.

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As an Ohio law firm, we can only prepare our CONFIDENTIAL child support worksheet and evaluation for one side in a child support matter. Before we run your child support calculation we will confirm that we have not represented the other side. If they have already hired us to do a CONFIDENTIAL child support worksheet and evaluation – unfortunately we cannot represent you and you will receive a full refund. If they have not hired us to do one – we will be happy to prepare a CONFIDENTIAL child support worksheet and evaluation for you and the other parent won’t be able to hire us to prepare one due to the conflict of interest rules that govern lawyer's client representation.

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Our package price is for one CONFIDENTIAL child support worksheet and evaluation. However after receiving your first CONFIDENTIAL child support worksheet and evaluation you may either get more financial information or have a change.

We offer additional updated CONFIDENTIAL child support worksheets and evaluations for just $39 per update. Just contact us and let us know what has changed and we will be happy to update your worksheet and send you out a revised worksheet and updated evaluation based on the new information. You can order as many updates as you want each time you have a change. (Price subject to change).

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We will send you our Child Support Worksheet Questionnaire to fill-in. It will go through the financial information that we need to calculate your child support. Also we need a copy of your current child support order and worksheet so we can compare your current support situation with the revised calculations under the new law. We also request you provide us with your current parenting time order if you have one as the new law provides credits based on your parenting time.

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We do not conduct discovery or subpoena records as part of this package. We rely upon the information you provide to us to calculate and evaluate your child support. You may have the right depending on your situation to subpoena financial records or conduct discovery yourself or obtain the records through other legal methods. You also have the right to hire an attorney of your choosing to conduct discovery and obtain the records for you if needed. If you prefer to have our law firm seek the records for you, please contact our office to discuss, additional charges will apply.

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The new law is already passed and will apply to child support modification hearings that are held after March 28, 2019. Our office has the most up to date software and can calculate the revised child support numbers so that if you will likely get a reduction, you can file promptly and get the benefit of the reduced support as soon as the new law goes into effect. If you wait, every pay period you wait is a pay period you will never get refunded! Don't wait. Find out right away if your support will likely go down or up under the new law.

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It’s important to have as accurate and complete information as possible to properly evaluate your child support and prepare a revised CONFIDENTIAL child support worksheet and evaluation. If you don’t know for example the other parent's income or the costs of child care or medical insurance this can impact the calculations. We are happy to go ahead and run the calculations based on your estimates but please be aware that if your estimates are not accurate, it may significantly impact the calculations. We provide our calculation based on the information you provide to us. The more accurate that information, the more reliable the calculation. It’s important that you provide as much accurate information as possible so that we can provide you an accurate CONFIDENTIAL child support worksheet and evaluation.

We are an Ohio law firm, founded in 1992. We have decades of experience handling child support, divorce, personal injury, bankruptcy and many other areas of the law.

As a full service law firm, we are happy to represent Ohio clients statewide with their legal needs. Learn more about us at www.fangerlaw.com

Unfortunately at this time, we are only offering this low cost flat fee option to people paying child support in Ohio. If the child has recently moved to Ohio please contact our office about seeking to change the support jurisdiction to Ohio. Additional charges will apply.