Working Effectively With a Guardian ad Litem

by Deborah Zaccaro Hoffman

When involved in cases utilizing a Guardian ad Litem (or “GAL”), it is very important as a parent to work with this individual as effectively as possible to help ensure that the child’s needs are being met and their rights are fully protected throughout the ordeal.

Yard Sign Season

By Jeffrey J. Fanger

It’s that time of year again when the leaves turn and the yards start sprouting those uniquely fall yard-sign flowers. Every year at this time I get calls from clients and colleagues and even an occasionally enlightened zoning inspector inquiring about the rules and regulations for yard signs.

What Are You Afraid Of?

by Jeffrey Fanger

The news is grim. But before you sell that stock portfolio and start hoarding gold coins and canned meat, take a few minutes to think about your true economic condition.

How much monthly household income have you really lost?
How much previously available credit has your bank or credit card company actually rescinded?
What hard assets have you lost?

I’m not talking about what you could lose if… or about losses that aren’t realized yet (such as the value of your investments that are just being held). Look at the money you lived on day-to-day, the credit you used on a regular basis, and the things you need in your daily life.

Orderly Business Shut-down Protects You and Your Family

by Jeffrey J. Fanger

Entrepreneurs aren’t the quitting type; otherwise they wouldn’t have made it through day one. But sometimes, bad luck and circumstance conspire against us. Despite their best efforts and wishes, sometimes a business owner is faced with the decision whether or not to close the doors.

Ethics: It’s Not Just for Elected Officials

by Jeffrey Fanger

If you’re like most people, you’ve watched the unraveling stories of corruption by government officials with strong emotions, from stunned indignation to cynical despondency. When our elected representatives engage in extortion or accept bribes and favors in exchange for allocating public resources, we all have a right to feel cheated.

Are You Ready for the New 990?

by Jeffrey J. Fanger

The 2008 tax year is the first year that all nonprofits will be required to file IRS Form 990. Are you ready?

Even if you have been filing this form for years, you should be aware that the IRS has revised Form 990 to expand the data collected, with an eye toward developing new compliance initiatives.

Is Your Business Model Broken?

by Jeffrey Fanger

Unless you started your business in the past 45 days, chances are you based your business model on an economic system that no longer exists. Cheap credit? No way! Easy access to credit? Not likely. Growth markets? Few and far between.